Our projects

We are currently publishers of six specialized websites, as well as creators of several tailor-made media projects developed for our clients.


Stratego is our first media project, launched in May 2015. It is the first Croatia productivity website, with daily practical advice for managing your professional life, career and finances. During its first year, Stratego established itself as the place for inspiration and education of its 30k faithful readers - business people, managers and proactive individuals looking for an edge in life. www.stratego.hr


Fresh.hr is mostly a professionally written vegan blog with multiple authors, but deals with other issues concerning a healthy mind, body and spirit. Launched in mid-August 2015, it’s the right website for anyone looking to freshen up their life. Fresh.hr’s growing vegan and vegetarian audience visits daily for news, information, advice and recipes. www.fresh.hr


Launched in the first days of 2016, intervju.hr is the first Croatian interview-only online magazine. Personalities from the fields of politics, society, business, science and culture discuss their professional and private successes and trials through in-depth interviews. All the interviews are made by best Croatian journalists with high professional standards, neutral and without any censorship. www.intervju.hr


Exclusive lifestyle without compromise. The first Croatian website completely dedicated to the luxury lifestyle. Six major sections (Style, Design, Motion, Travel, Gourmet and Exclusive). We care only about the best, most expensive and exclusive. No matter whether you visit Luxury.hr to decide how to best spend you annual bonus, or just for a little daydreaming, we bring you daily news stories, photo stories, reports, articles about luxury products and services. Core audience are high earners, opinion makers and influencers. Strong social media presence. www.luxury.hr


Energetico is the first and the only regional energy website - source for energetic news from whole region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia), with strongest accent on croatian market. Besides the rich news section, website also has specific sections dedicated to energy sources, ecology principles and useful sections with concrete advices regarding power management for companies and househoulds. www.energetico.eu


Investor is new website for personal finances, money saving, investing and asset management. There are seven sections: “Personal finances”, “Savings”, “Financial products and services”, “Investments”, “Insurances”, “News” and “Interesting world of finances”. Primary editorial vision is to give our readers good financial advices, detailed and punctual information about personal finances and money management and to encourage money saving and smart investing. www.investor.hr