About us

Intonacija is a digital media company founded in late 2014. The founders, Marko Ćustić and Plamenko Cvitić, are longtime journalists and editors. Our diverse team includes editors, journalists, coders, digital experts and translators. In his earlies days, Marko Ćustić used to edit a weekly newsmagazine, and Plamenko Cvitić was Editor-in-Chief of a business daily. We are currently publishers of six specialized websites, as well as creators of several tailor-made media projects developed for our clients. Several unique content driven digital media projects are in the pipeline at the moment. Our company consists of three key divisions:

Content factory

In the vast sea of information that is the internet, we believe that content makes all the difference. We believe in good content, because it helps build a quality, faithful audience. So we apply all due care to our content division - a diverse group of writers and editors who know how to produce valuable, relevant and timely content to make our websites unique.

Geek and design lab

Staying current with underlying technology, but visually appealing as well - that’s what our media aspire to be, thanks to our IT professionals, designers and photographers.

Social media team

Social media are the public forum of the modern age. Whatever you could accomplish on the 8 o’clock news TV programme, you can do with a single tweet today. That’s why we have a separate division for our social media presence, promoting and sharing our content.